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Important Notes:

  1. Indian Hindustani Classical Vocal Music is learned normally with lessons in front of a teacher with Tanpura a drone. Now with busy life we need convenience of our own time and pace. Our Indian Classical Vocal Music online lessons will help you to achieve your goal. You take help of harmonium or keyboard to give right swara or note.
  2. Click the Raag link above to view all the lessons of that Raag.
  3. Though each lesson is small, after enough practice you will need to sing continuously as one Raag.
  4. Method of teaching is written instructions, notations, photos and a short video clip which you view and listen. In the short video clip you will be able to see clearly how you can sing properly while Harmonium or Keyboard is played. It is very useful to have harmonium or keyboard as it gives right sound of the notes which you can match with your voice and learn to play as well. Make sure Harmonium you have is perfectly tuned for all notes, set according to A = 440 Hertz, which is the standard for all music instruments all over the World (check with an electronic tuner). All keyboards are generally OK.
  5. To view YouTube video at slow speed, to understand better, click ‘Settings’ of video and then ‘Playback speed’ and select 0.75, 0.5 or 0.25
  6. If you think 5th black (A#) used in videos in these lessons is high or low for you, you can have a ‘scale changer harmonium’ and shift scale as per your voice range. That way, you will play same as shown but sing in your own voice range.
  7. After enough practice, you should try to sing without playing harmonium or keyboard. Have ‘Raagini‘ box type electronic tanpura or any other Tanpura App on your phone and set it at A#. With this tanpura (drone) in the background, sing the raag as you have learned and practice. Make sure all your swaras (notes) of the raag should be accurate. If in doubt, check with playing harmonium or keyboard and compare and adjust your swar to become accurate. This way with enough practice, you will have complete understanding of the swaras and will be able to sing any time only with the Tanpura.

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