harmohan sharma

i saw your website and felt very good that people like you are promoting indian classical music in australia….

Deepika Sachdeva

It was really great to see this website. Iam a researcher in engg field. And a real music lover. I have been learning Hindustani classical music for sometime. I found this site to be really helpful in adding to our knowledge ….

We once again appreciate this piece of service to music as a whole.

Abdul Azim

Hi, my name is Azeem from India. I liked your Harmonium lessons provided through Internet. I like music and want to learn it properly ……

Kasun Wichrama

I appreciate very much what you have done to teach Sitar. I have a Sitar and I’m learning by myself and find it very useful…..
I like the web site very much I’m from Sydney Australia…..

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