Nitin Mathu

I came across your website and found it to be really encouraging for beginners like me who are interested in learning vocal music with harmonium. I appreciate the lessons on the website and thanks for uploading them…..


I am learning Hindustani Vocal and Veena. Yes, I have gone through the
lessons on the site and they are extremely helpful. Thank you for the same…….


You have really got an amazing web site and it has helped me and anyone who is beginning Vocals or Sitar……

Sadhu Divyavallabhdasji

I have tried all the lesson from your sites which were very excellent ……


I found your online vocal/harmonium lesson very helpful…..


Your lessons were excellent…..

Satya Prusty

I found your online learn Harmonium teaching very helpful.Thanks a lot for your effort for people like me…..

Thanks again for ur humble cause ….

Jai moise-Dalal

Your web site is quite impressive…..


I really appreciate the effort in putting up such a wonderful site and the hard work behind all this…..


The sitar lessons on the site where very helpful, thanks for posting them …..

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