Alina Meyer

I´ve enjoyed the lessons you offer online in your site and they were so usefull because as singer and musician (jazz and indian classical music) i am so interested in…….

Abhay Phadke

I went thro your harmonium lessons with great interest…..
I started practicing your lessons for fun and enjoyed it…….

Venkatesh Srinivasan

I really like the vocal & harmonium lessons you have in site……

Hitakshi Nanavaty

I recently came across your website ( while searching for something on the internet. I’m a big fan of Indian classical music, and I think you are doing a great service to music lovers like me by hosting this website…….


I enjoyed your sitar lessons…….

Neeraj Desai

We appreciate for your noble effort to put on the web the video lessons for
learning harmonium…….


I like your lessons,I am new learner but like to learn on the raga basis. Thank you very much for giving the art without any…..


I recently purchased a keyboard. I was just seaching the web for some basic instrutions and incidently found your site. I must say its the best site amongst the few I found. In just one day I reached lesson six. The way you have described it and the musical videos make it so easy for even novices like me…….

Vijayakumar PN

I am very impressed with the web site you have put up.
I would like to learn music online…….

Nitin Mathur

Your lessons are very motivating. I certainly wish I could learn more from you so I have a better music base and venture into a music area where i can compose and enjoy my own music…..

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