I very much value your site and lessons, as I have little contact with Indian Classical Musicians and am very much in love with the music…..

Robin Andrews

United Kingdom

I really enjoyed watching your lessons and looking at your website…..

Laurence Howells



Arjune Sewdiyal

I have been going threw the internet to look for music lessons based on the tabla and foud your website giving free lessons on various instruments, which I appreciated so much.


This is a pleasure, and a great honour to make contact with you. You cannot imagine how indebted I feel to you for the strong and sound teaching you dedicated for us in the sharda website.

I have started sitar lessons from scratch since last December and solely from your website. I have found your teaching very explanatory and encouraging…..

Jes & Mariette

Matthew Christ

I Watched your online rags yaman. I think your website is great, because it has a lot one can learn from. In many cities, there is nobody to teach such material. This is a great way to teach, and your website has great tools which makes it very easy to learn…..


I am from India and basically learning Indian Vocals from your Website which is a real blessing ……


i recently went through ur site…really impressive…exellent…

Robin Andrews (Devon, England)

Thankyou ever so much for your teaching material on the site. I’ve
found it really helpful in learning more about Indian Music, especially
the Toras, which I’ve been using as the basis for some improvisation of
my own…….

Mahendra Bhakta

I have found your website very helpful regarding learning Keyboard. illustration is easy to understand……

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