Juan Carlos

I`ve have seen your lessons in the web and for me has been very nice. Now I play every day becouse lessons are very easy to follow. In Madrid were I live is too difficult to find a teacher for sitar so your lesson has an estimulation and also a guide to learn. I star to play sitar in India in Kullu Valley. Now I have to practice whit your lesson for a time but in short time I would like to get more lesson, more ragas and how to develop it.


Thank you very much! I have not seen anything around on internet like this site… very useful!

Mujahid Khan, MD

Your site has been very helpful. I have been practicing Alankars from yor site. …. Pl keep up the good work. This indeed is noble work, which keeps our tradition intact.


I find your website very beneficial.


I have searched the net and came across your site which I find very instructive and good materials for practice. Thank you.

Steve Ford

First of all I would like to thank you fro the quality of the sitar lessons you are providing on your website. I am presently studying your sitar lessons and I am working on the Toda’s of Raga Bhimpalasi. ….Thank you so much!!!!

Nauman Ahmed

I have benefited a lot from your online lessons.

Gerald Rai

how impressed I was with your organization and that I had seen you while browsing the internet and your free lessons, this was unbeliveable, i just could not believe my eyes, as no teacher lives around my area where I can get Sitar lessons, your site was a dream come true.

Nipul Patel

I have gone thru your web site, and you have done such a wonderful work.

Nelson Kuriakose

First of all, my sincere appreciation for putting together a well organized site with lot of valuable information on Sitar.

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