Mohan Rao

Many thanks for the extremely infromative online lessons. After 35 years (i am in UK now)

Gulshan Sethi

Your website has impressed me the MOST while searching through other websites to find authentic information.

Your website is different, free, yet full of contents and true spirits to distribute Indian Classic Music Knowledge. Much appreciated.

Slock Ruddy

Firstly i want to congratulate you about this very good free on line lessons …

Bansri Datta, California USA

I do want to appreciate you providing such a GOOD site for music lovers.

Stefan Wekler

your lessons are very interesting. Would you send the DVDs to germany?

Rajendra Singh

I ran into your website and happen to admire and like what you have to offer.

Ali Syed

…. and found the DVDs sent by you. These are indeed wonderful.

Ashvin Dadhania

The is really very usefull site for musical beginer.

I like the information very helpfull in learing my harmonium start lessons.


I’ve already watched some of the computer clips (over and over) and they are very helpful to me. Hearing and watching your technique is indispensable as far as my learning goes.


I received the DVD last friday and it is very good I have started using it along with the notes from your site, thank you very much for your help

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