There are following 6 main Taal in classical music:

  1. Teen Taal – 16 Beats
  2. Dadra – 6 Beats
  3. Keharwa – 8 Beats
  4. Roopak – 7 Beats
  5. Jhap – 10 Beats
  6. Ek – 12 Beats

Now I will explain the most important Taal – Teen Taal (16 beats) which has been used in most of our lessons:

Teen Taal has 4 sections of 4 beats each –

DhaDhinDhinDhaDhaDhinDhinDhaDhaTin TinTaTaDhinDhinDha

Dha Dhin Dhin Dha | Dha Dhin Dhin Dha | Dha Tin Tin Ta | Ta Dhin Dhin Dha |

X                              2                            0                         3

X – is the first beat and is called SUM (Join) and also first Taali. This SUM is very important in Tabla as the most powerful place for singing or playing in a composition, meets here with Tabla with a sort of a bang, so both Tabla and singing or playing go together in a synchronised way thereafter.

2 – is 5th beat and is called 2nd Taali

0 – is 9th beat and is called Khali (meaning empty)

3 – is 13th beat and is called 3rd Taali

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For singing or playing, make sure you start at the right beat of Tabla, as per the composition, which will be clear from notation.