Selection of SA in Harmonium / Keyboard

In Harmonium and Keyboard any key can be selected as Sa. See below:

For majority of students:

5th Black (A# in western scale) as Sa – This covers lower .Pa to Higher Pa. conveniently (All lessons on this website follow this). There is a reason for this. Human vocal chord has limitation and can go lower or higher as per the limitation of the vocal chord. For classical music lessons we will need to go very low or very high. This range 5th Black as Sa seems to be in the middle for 95% of students. If you feel your vocal chord range is different, you can choose any of the below as Sa. When you sing film song, bhajan or gazal, you can choose higher note as Sa. Scale changer harmonium can help for this as you can adjust and sing higher scale by playing lower range or vice versa.



4th Black (G# in western scale) as Sa –


6th Black as Sa –


7th Black as Sa –


6th White as Sa –


7th White as Sa –


8th White as Sa –


9th White as Sa –