For last 12 years we have been providing FREE Indian Music lessons to you. It costs money to run, maintain and improve website and add more and more lessons. We are committed to provide you all Raag lessons for Vocal and Sitar and request you to pay only $5 per month or less for all Premium lessons so that we continue to help you learn Indian Classical Music conveniently.

There will be free lessons and Premium lessons.
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You will be able to access ALL Vocal and Sitar lessons by paying just $5 per month or less.

Available Lessons:

Free lessons
Vocal – Basics (2 lessons), Alankars (4), Raag Yaman Kalyan (14), Bilaval (11), Kedar (18)
Sitar – Basics (4 lessons), Alankars (5), Raag Bhupali (5), Bhimpalasi (8), Yaman Kalyan (11)

Premium lessons

Vocal – Raag Bhairav (11), Durga (15), Kafi (13), Khamaj (15), Bhimpalasi (13), Des (15), Vrindavani Sarang (15), Asavari (18), Bhupali (25), Bhairavi (10), malkauns (14), Ahir Bhairav (10), Bageshri (22)

Sitar – Raag Malkauns (29), Bhairavi (6), Des (5 lessons), Sindhu Bhairavi Alap (10), Bageshri (15), Kafi (6), Asavari (7), Darbari Kanhda (15), Bhairav (8), Shivranjani (9), Hansadhwani (9), Ornamentations Meand Krintan+ (5)

We are continuously adding more and more lessons for Vocal and Sitar.

We welcome your suggestions and your teacher will always help you when you have any problem

Online Premium Lessons for Vocal

Online Premium Lessons for Sitar

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