Radhey Shyam Gupta (OAM) – Vocal and Sitar teacher (Founder creator and maintainer of sharda.org)

Late Pt. Keshav Talegaonker – Vocal and Tabla teacher in Hindi (हिन्दी में गायन और तबका शिक्षक)

(With a very heavy heart we inform that Pt. Keshav ji passed away on 12 Oct 2020 at Agra)

Vinod Prassanna – Flute Teacher


Radhey Shyam Gupta (OAM) – Vocal and Sitar teacher at Sharda Music

With a Sangeet Visharad (equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in Hindustani classical music), extensive further learning and an abiding passion for this eternal and divine art form, Radhey started teaching Vocal music and the Sitar in Melbourne from 1994.

In the early 2000s he realised the potential for reaching a broader, global audience of interested students via the Internet, and started taking online lessons as well as created a comprehensive library of online Vocal lessons & Sitar lessons (www.sharda.org).

In 1996, along with some wonderful friends, he co-founded a regular, open-forum musical evening called Sangeet Sandhya with the intention of introducing good quality, classically based live music to Melbourne audiences. Not only is Sangeet Sandhya still going, it is going from strength to strength in terms of the size of its audience and quality of performances. He has since started several other musical evenings including Swar Sandhya and Raag Rung, all of which are highly popular in the Indian-Australian community of Melbourne.

Radhey was honoured to receive the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2014 for his contributions to the promotion of Hindustani classical music in Australia. For Indian readers, this is equivalent to the Padma Shri honour awarded by the Indian government.

Radhey started his formal training in Hindustani classical music at Sangeet Kala Kendra, Agra from Pandit Raghunath Talegaonkar ji, and completed Visharad in 1966 under his guidance. He  moved to Delhi to study at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (1966 – 1971) and resumed Sitar training there with Pandit Anil Dhar ji of Gandharva Mahavidhyala, a popular and accomplished All India Radio artist. Later he took more advance training with Pandit Debi Prasad Chatterjee of Kolkata, himself a disciple of many legendary masters of Hindustani classical music such as Pandit Nikhil Banerjee, Annapurna ji and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan saheb. Debi Prasad ji has accepted Radhey as belonging to his authentic Senia Maihar Gharana.

Radhey has performed at many eminent concerts in both India and Australia, and continues to teach.
For more information please visit: http://www.indianlink.com.au/creating-a-classical-culture-radhey-shyam-gupta-oam/


Late Pandit Keshav Raghunath Talegaonker – Vocal and Tabla teacher in Hindi (हिंदी में गायन और तबला शिक्षक) at Sharda Music

(With a very heavy heart we inform that Pt. Keshav ji passed away on 12 Oct 2020 at Agra)

Pt. Keshav is an eminent Hindustani Classical Music Vocal artist who started his initial training in Vocal music from his father late Pt. Raghunath Talegaonker a great exponent of Gwalior Gharana and a renowned musician late Bhishmdev Bedi.

He learned Tabla from Shri. Surendra Mohan Chaturvedi, late Faqeer Chand Ji and late Pt. Ram Swaroop Banarasi. He received advance training in Tabla from an eminent Tabla and Pakhawaj Maestro of Gwalior Gharana Ustaad lalloo Singh Ji (Nephew of Ustaad Madhav Singh Ji of Kudau Singh Gharana). He learned intricacies of Tabla playing techniques from late Ustaad Kareem Khan Saheb of Ajrada Gharana.

He introduced rare innovations in Guitar and plays classical music on slide guitar and creates unprecedented effective sensations and emotions through the imaginative techniques. His guitar playing specializes in creating new variation such as Gamak, Meed and Ghaseet in raagas. His inspiration comes from his father late Pt. Raghunath Ji and an eminent Vichitra Veena Player late Brahm Swarup Singh Ji. His Slide Guitar is specially adopted for classical use with its 19 Strings, 11 Tarab (Strings with 2 chikari and 6 main strings).

Pt. Keshav’s Vocal and Guitar recital are regularly broadcasted by A.I.R. Some of his programs have been telecasted from Lucknow Doordarshan from time to time.

He has been working as a Reader and Head of the Department of Music at B.D. Jain Degree College, Agra. He is also an empanelled artiste of ICCR Ministry of Culture and is deputed as a Head of Culture Centre in Embassy of India in Beijing from 2011 to 2013 and taught Indian Classical Music to approx 500 students of different Countries.

He is managing director of Pt. Raghunath Talegaonker Foundation Trust and through this trust he is giving a wide platform to the upcoming generation of Indian Classical Music field.

Recently he is elected as a board committee member of Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Akademi, Lucknow.


Vinod Prasanna – Flute teacher at Sharda Music

Born into one of India’s greatest flute-playing families, award-winning bansuri (flute) virtuoso, Vinod Prasanna, shines as an outstanding performer of authentic traditional and contemporary Indian music. Vinod’s emotive melodies, exquisite improvisations and divine flute song distinguish his performance of Indian classical, world and meditation music. Hailing from Varanasi, one of India’s holy cities, Vinod’s late grandfather, Pandit Vishnu Prasanna, introduced him to the art of bansuri playing. His uncle, Pandit Rajendra Prasanna also taught him and further inspired his playing. Vinod has performed and toured extensively throughout his homeland and overseas, including France, Japan, Germany and now, Australia. In 2006, Vinod won the prestigious Sahara All India Flute Recital Competition.

Residing in Australia since 2008, Vinod is a performing and recording artist, teacher, craftsman and ambassador of the Bansuri. Vinod has more than 17 years of performing and teaching experience and continues a family legacy that celebrates more than two-and-a-half centuries of Indian music.

His latest musical collaborations include joining musical forces with world-class percussionist, David Jones, and guitarist, Evripides Evripidou, to form Brothers, an Indian Jazz fusion/ambient groove ensemble. In 2012, Vinod and Chinese guzheng player extraordinaire, Mindy Meng Wang, formed “Journey to the West” to recreate ancient Indian and Chinese cross-cultural links and to bring the music of both countries closer to western ears. In 2012, Vinod toured Australia with Tibetan nun and singer, Ani Choying, playing, amongst other venues, in the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Recital Hall, to ecstatic audiences.