To learn Sitar Raags online you will need to tune your Sitar in C# (C sharp) first. Our online free Sitar lessons will help you to learn Sitar efficiently from beginning to advanced learning.

Learn Indian Classical Music Sitar - Beginner's Lessons - Hold Sitar, Play Alankars and Raag Bhupali

Raag Bhimpalasi - Learn Sitar Music Online Free

Lesson 1: Sthai, Antara
Lesson 3: Toda 3
Lesson 5: Toda 5 & 6
Lesson 7: Jhala 2

Lesson 2: Toda 1 & 2
Lesson 4: Toda 4
Lesson 6: Jhala 1
Lesson 8: Jhala 3

Raag Yaman Kalyan - Learn Sitar Music Online Free

Lesson 1: Intro, Aroh, Avroh
Lesson 3: Sthai, Antara
Lesson 5: Toda 2
Lesson 7: Toda 4
Lesson 9: Toda 6
Lesson 11: Jhala 2

Lesson 2: Mukhyang, Pakad
Lesson 4: Toda 1
Lesson 6: Toda 3
Lesson 8: Toda 5
Lesson 10: Jhala 1

Raag Malkauns - Learn Sitar Music Online

Method of teaching is written instructions, notations, photos and a short video clip which you download, view and listen. In the short video clip you will be able to see clearly how Sitar is played.

To view video movie, you may need free Macromedia Flash Player.To download, click here

Important First Lessons:

Sitar Parts
Tuning of Sitar
Accessaries for Sitar
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