Vocal / Harmonium Lesson 1

Open Knobs, Dhokni & Play SaReGaMa...

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa.

Sa. Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa

Note: Do not forget to push Dhokni to blow air otherwise no sound will be heard. To push Dhokni, place your left hand near the left edge of harmonium and push by fingers. Please watch photo above and the movies to understand.




1. Harmonium and Keyboard are similar for indian music. For Harmonium we have to blow air all the time when we play. For Keyboard it is not required.

2. For Keyboard we have to select the best sound out of 100 or 200 available. The sound should be pleasing and continuous. Suggested sounds are Flute, Claranet, Synthetic Reed etc. Every Keyboard is different, therefore please select on your Keyboad yourself.

3. For Harmonium first open at least 3 big knobs and then Blower (Dhokni). In some there is straight Dhokni which is to be opened from both sides and in other it should be opened only from left, for right handed people or from right, for left handed people. In all lessons we have shown right handed person.

4. In Harmonium never press Dhokni (or blow air) until any note - Black or White is pressed, otherwise air will not be able to go out from anywhere and the Harmonium will start leaking air from sides or anywhere.

5. Use left hand to blow air and right hand to play keys. Use right hand thumb to play White keys only and adjuscent three fingers on Black and White keys both. Thumb is very rarely used on Black keys.

6. View movie to understand better - click here

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7. For Keyboard you need to use right hand only and all lessons are same for Harmonium and Keyboard.